Welcome to OKCNZ Wellington!

Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand. The city is surrounded by beautiful green hills and the Port of Wellington, representing New Zealand’s breathtaking natural scenery.

There are many cafés, restaurants and theaters in the city where you can easily pass the time while in Wellington. It’s a city with a vibrant culture of art and entertainment. The city is home to the national museum, Te Papa, and our iconic parliament buildings. 

Enjoy a stroll in the sunshine along the Water front or take a short hike on one of the surrounding bush clad hills.

Only a very few guide books will tell you about Wellington. If you would like to experience real New Zealand life, then Wellington is a great place to be!

Take time out from your hectic lifestyle and enjoy some much needed rest and recreation in Wellington. There is a multitude of exciting activities to do. Study English, visit a farm to see New Zealand sheep, or simply relax at a stylish café and visit our theatres and museums. 


OKC NZ Wellington Support Centre

OKCNZ Wellington Support centre is located in the city centre on Featherston Street.

All OKCNZ members will be taken care of during their time in New Zealand by experienced staff.

Our services include free internet, selecting the language school most suitable for your preference of style of study, and host family introduction.





OKC NZ Wellington
Special Programme

Nursing/ Elderly Care Programme

This programme is especially designed for people who hold a nursing and/or elderly care certificate. You will sit in on lectures to learn about New Zealand’s healthcare systems. There will be hospital or day-care centre visits.

OKCNZ Wellington can arrange volunteer service placements in hospital and elderly care centres. An interview will be required before beginning your volunteer work. Of course, you can study English at Language school at the same time as working as a volunteer. To find out more about this special programme please contact us using our Enquiry Form.